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The Date of The 3rd Moscow Business Forum 2013: ‘Partnership. Leadership. Prospects’ Was Set

3rd Moscow Business Forum - 2013: ‘Partnership. Leadership. Prospects’ will take place on May 15, 2012 at President Hotel within the Week of Russian Enterpreneurship - 2013, coinciding the celebration of the Day of Entrepreneur – May 26.

The initiators of the Week of Russian Enterpreneurship – 2013 are:
All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC);
National Foundation of Socio-Economic Development of the Regions;
Inter-regional Public Organization ‘Business People’;
Center of Social and Political Research ‘ASPEKT’;
Center of Youth and Enterpreneur Initiatives ‘POKOLENIE 2025’;
All-Russia Public Movement ‘Development of Entrepreneurship’.
The initiators are preparing a saturated business and culturally entertaining program for the participants and the guests of the capital.

A number of events is planned for the Week of Russian Enterpreneurship – 2013:

- Exhibition ‘Days of Small and Medium Business in Russia -2013’
- Roundtable at the Civic Chamber and State Duma of the Russian Federation on the issues of Small and medium business;
Moscow Business Forum -2013
- Business visit to Business Park ‘Greenwood’;
- Presentation of projects of the All-Russia Contest of Business Plans ‘POKOLENIE 2025’ , within the Youth Platform of the 3rd Moscow Business Forum 2013 ;
- Awarding ceremony for the contribution into the development and support of youth entrepreneurship in Russia ‘RESPECT’ ;
- VIP reception for Forum’s guests and participants.

The participants of the Forum are Federal and Regional Ministries interested in discussion of designated target programs of Regions’ Social and Economic Development, ambitious entrepreneurs, financial structures, state, commercial and public entities, associations of entrepreneurs, venture foundations, trade unions and media representatives.

400 -500 people:
◦ companies’ executives;
◦ executives and deputy executives of federal and local authorities;
◦ executives of authorities of Federal subjects of Russia;
◦ executives of public entities, professional unions and self-regulating organizations;
◦ banking community representatives;
◦ expert community representatives;
◦ chief editors of field-specific printed issues;
Supposedly, 400 guests will be involved. Invitations will be sent to 150 federal officers and businesspeople, 100 invitations are deemed for local public officers and deputies. Only 50 media representatives will cover the event and will also form part of the Forum’s participants.
Registration for participants and speakers is on until April 30, 2013

REGISTRATION FOR FORUM  (http://mgdr.timepad.ru/event/59763/)

Please, send your suggestions and ideas on participation in the business program, composition of topics for discussion at forum@mgdr.ru

Director of MBF 2013 –  Diana Guts
+7 965-278 -14 13
+7 495 500-81-41

Press Center
of Moscow Business Forum  -2013
+7 495  972 85 22
+7 926 084 23 10
Julia Efremova